Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guess what we found this morning...

Checked on Cam at 2am b/c he was so quiet. I'm so used to him waking up then! This is how I found him. Not how he started, of course. Usually him rolling onto his belly wakes him up and his protests wake me up, but last night he must have liked it and snoozed through it.

Big news: Auntie Trina and cousin Isley are coming to visit next weekend for a couple of days. Its a quick trip but we're all looking forward to it! Cam will finally get to meet his other cousin :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No sickees here!

We had our followup visit to make sure Cam's ears were all better: Dr. N gave him a 9 in his left ear (the one that was really bad) and a 10 in his right - woohoo! Still can't say the cod liver oil is helping for sure but it certainly doesn't seem to be hurting. We'll keep giving it to him until we hit summer.

Cam finally got his 6 month shots (at 7-1/2 months) and did great with the first 2, only getting really upset with the last one in the leg.
His weight came in at 23lb 3oz (he definitely gained back what he lost when he was so sick in March) and length is 29.5".
No idea on percentiles, we're guessing high 90s. Still our giant baby! :)

Six (really seven!) Month Stats
23lb 3oz
29.5" tall

Tooth update

Two on the bottom (big enough to look - and feel - like real teeth) and three on top with one more about to break through. No other whitish bumps on his gums, so after #6, maybe we'll get a break for a little while :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New slippers!

Cam got some adorable horsie slippers from Auntie Carla - a late Christmas present. She had the foresight to get the 6-12 month size at that point, not realizing how perfectly they'd fit him when he got them! Sadly, you can't really see them in this photo; we'll get a better shot of them up here :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Before and after: Cam gets himself up onto all fours and rocks like mad, then the inevitable face plant :)

So far his belly seems to be an anchor for him; he uses it to go backwards, not forwards, which is pretty funny. He's not as amused when he's trying to reach a certain toy and it keeps getting farther and farther away. Bad mommy and daddy for laughing!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cam chasing Chance

Cam loooooooooves the dogs and squeals like mad whenever he sees them. They've become quite the distraction anytime he eats, so we have to separate them or Cam won't eat!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Car seats and teeth!

The new carseat for Cam arrived today. My good friend Evelyn has asked us several times to come visit her in the Bay area (her son Garrett is 5 months older than Cam) but since Christmas, taking Cam out in the car for more than 10 minutes didn't go too well. Just *getting* him into the carseat was typically a tearful battle - not just for Cam.

So when Evelyn sugguested that Cam's carseat might be too small for him, the lightbulb went off. On our first trip up to the Bay area in more than 3 months a couple of weeks ago, we got a chance to test out Garrett's Britax Marathon and were sold. Tried to buy one locally but our only choices were pink butterflies and a black carseat: not a good color to have in a place where the summer temps can be triple digit. We ordered ours at Albee Baby and got a great price, as well as free shipping. Kevin installed into his car before I went to pick up Cam at daycare, and for the first time in a loooooong time, Cam didn't struggle when put into his car seat. We even took a little drive around the neighbourhood with Cam playing happily with his rattle, and not trying to get out of the carseat! It was amazing!!

This weekend we're going to try a trip up to Pleasanton to go visit my baby boy D'artanyn (the black horse, and not a baby as he'll be 8 in August!), as I just found out he'll be moving with his new mom and family up to Oregon in July. He's come along amazingly with Suzanne, and I can't wait to see him and introduce him to Cam. Perhaps even a riding lesson for us both :)

you can see Cam's bottom teeth in his photo :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let me out!!

We got Cam some balls (like the kind used at Chucky Cheese) for the pool, but then we put water in that (go figure) and decided to try the balls out in Cam's playpen, which we figure will be "Baby Jail" soon enough, so we'd better let him have some fun in there first :) And fun he had!! When he wasn't trying to eat all the balls, he was trying to swim in them. This kid is such a ham :)

Fun Saturday!

We had a great day today; the weather was gorgeous, everyone got some sleep last night and all was well in the world. So we cracked out the swimming pool Kevin got Cam for Christmas and Cam looooooooooved it :) We'll try to upload some video tomorrow of Cam splashing around.

Daddy also got a super cute photo of Cam with mommy. Still think he's the most adorable kid ever! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ready, set...JUMP!

Cam had some fun in his jumper today :)

Tryin' out the sippy cup

He's not too sure about it :)

Tooth update

One of his front teeth has broken the surface, finally! We will keep trying to get a picture but we might just photograph the teeth marks on our fingers instead :) The other white bumps up on top of his mouth aren't quite as red as they were a couple of days ago, so maybe the teeth will give us all the weekend off to get caught up on some sleep! (wouldn't that be nice!)

Cam did AWESOME last night: he slept from 7pm to 6:45am. We tried to wake him up at 10:30pm to give him a bottle. He never opened his eyes, but he did eat the 6oz and crashed right back out, only fussing a little when he rolled out of his blankets and got cold. I'm not sure he'll ever be able to sleep in a bed without rails - this kid moves around a lot in his sleep!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

7 months old (!!!)

The Camster turned 7 months old today, which just seems kinda crazy as he was just born! He's doing great; hitting all his milestones and then some.

We still need to get our 6 month shots, provided his ears are 100% when we see the doc April 22. We'll get a new weight then too, because this is a kid who likes his solids! We're moving on to the Stage 2 stuff now, and this weekend we are going to try introducing some chicken, but in the Earth's Best Organic baby food; mommy isn't ready for him to bite into a chicken leg! So far he loves mango, applesauce, peas, sweet potatos and carrots, carrots, carrots :) He's ok with bananas. We're giving up on the peaches until they come into season and I can make some up fresh here; the Gerber peaches smell pretty gross, like an old leather shoe. He's not sure about oatmeal, either.

Tomorrow we start trying a sippy cup! (apparently when you introduce protein, he needs to be able to drink some water or juice too).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This explains all the drool...

Turns out Cam has not one, not two but FIVE teeth coming in up on top. No wonder the poor kid has been having a tough time sleeping/eating the last few days.

He did much better last night, though, slept from 11pm to 5am, which is the best he's done in a week. One of his top teeth is now a sliver of real white tooth; the others are close to pushing through. Buy stock in Anbesol!!


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Here is the link to sign up with a free Google account, or you can user your Open ID account also (the link will show yo how possibly other accounts you might have will serve as your Open ID account). Email me if you have any troubles and I'll help you get set up.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Playin' in the swings

It was a gorgeous Sunday here in Paso and after Cam's lunchtime nap, we decided to head over to the Barney Schwartz Park and go for a walk. There is a fantastic playground there (which we'll spend many hours at in the future, we're sure!) and also some "big-little kid swings" (Cam looked so little in them, which is such a feat as he's such a big-little kid) which Cam tried out and loved, although he was having a lot of fun just people watching. Had to post the second photo: a gal at daycare, as well as Cam's Aunt Mary Ann, tease him by calling him "The Judge" - he just sits and watches things happening with no expression on his face. He was actually tired in this shot after playing on the swings and walking all over the park with us :)

All in all, the whole family got a little exercise and some vitamin D - can't ask for anything more on the tail end of a fantastic weekend. We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

For just a second...

...Cam was up on all fours this morning! Kevin and I were both shocked, as was Cam, who promptly did a face plant into the quilt he was playing on. He's been able to get up on his knees, or do a pushup, but this is the first time he did both at the same time!

Cam and I went up to the Bay area today and Cam did GREAT! We timed the trip around his naps, and it helped a lot. He slept almost all the way up there and didn't get cranky until we were in San Jose to see Auntie Sherry for a quick hello. We were supposed to go see Grant and Sarah too, but we were running so late for Garrett's birthday party we had to jam right over there. Our trip home was pretty good as well; Cam slept most of the way and only got cranky about 5 mins from the house. He was awesome!

Daddy sort of got a day to himself, although he did a ton of work around the house, mowed the lawn, gave the dogs a bath (and blow dried Charlie) AND cooked up a chicken for dinner! He did get to watch the UCLA game, although it didn't turn out the way he wanted, he had the house to himself to watch the game in peace. We (and all the friends we visited) missed him on the trip, so we will go up again very soon with him too :)

Cam got to try out Garrett's carseat while we were there (a Britax Marathon) and ordered our own new one today; Cam is just too long for his current carseat and we think it might be contributing to his dislike of traveling in the car. Here's hoping we'll soon be able to make more trips to visit friends and family without lots of yelling!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cam's impression of Chuck Norris

Cam got several very cute outfits from Grammie on the east coast for Easter and today we were getting Cam undressed for his bath, so we took off his cute fireman shirt, then saw Cam in the mirror. He was standing there in just his pants and he looked just like a mini-Chuck Norris - totally hysterical! So we had to record this for posterity, with a kick and all. Hopefully Cam will have better political sense than the Chuck-ster :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mango Man :)

We had gotten a little off track with Cam's solids when he was sick a couple of weeks ago and having been working our way back on to the track. Last night I cooked up some mango (which he tried before and loved) and he CHOWED. So great to have his appetite back!

Now that he's got a couple of teeth coming in on the bottom, his new favourite thing to do is to bite down on the spoon as I'm trying to bring it out of his mouth. He thinks is the funniest thing in the world; I'll post some video below of Mr. Funny Mango-Man!

Of course, ignore the fact he's trying to put the end that doesn't have any food into his mouth :) Never said he was a genius - just a cutie-pie!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The fitness craze sweeping the nation...


A teaspoon of ... cod liver oil?

We had our followup appointment today with Dr. Nave. Cam is better, but not 100%. He's gained some of the weight back: 20lbs 4oz on March 20 to 21lbs 3oz today. His ears are better too: the right one is an 8 out of 10, the left was 6.5. No shots until those are better.

As none of us want Cam back on antibiotics, we are going to try the old school remedy of a teaspoon of cod liver oil a day and go back on April 22. Apparently cod liver oil tastes better these days than when we were kids - I guess we'll be finding out soon! Fingers crossed by then everything is cleared up and we're healthy again!! Cam is home with us today, so we'll try to have some Kodak moments when he wakes up from his lunchtime nap :)

Six Month Stats
21lbs 3oz
Length ?