Friday, June 19, 2009

Just for Cousin Isley :)

All your hard work paid off: Cam now has a new parlour trick - animal noises :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family BBQ!

Since this is Cam's first trip to the East Coast ever, Auntie Trina + Grammie put together a family gathering so that Kevin and Cam could get to meet some of the family. Dave + Danielle generously offered to have it at their beach house (right across the street from where we are staying) that is literally on the beach, so we all hoped for some good weather :)

Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate - the day dawned grey and raining, and it stayed that way :) C'est la vie! The party got moved inside (thank you again, Dave + Danielle!!) and about 40 great aunts, great uncles, cousins (first, second, removed, etc :) all arrived despite the awful weather.

Dave gamely bbq'd outside in the rain with Lionel and I did a really crappy job of introducing Kevin + Cam to everyone (about half the family) as the gathering was a bit overwhelming for Cam, so he + K were outside quite a bit, despite the weather. Cam's never been around a group this large (and loud, lol) before, so he took it in small doses. He got a lot more comfortable much later in the afternoon when there were fewer people there and overall everyone had a lot of fun. It was so terrific to see everyone!! We were all really grateful that so many of the family were able to come see us in New Hampshire - thank you notes go out this week, I promise :)

Trina, Jamie + Isley stayed over again, as did Grammie + Grampie, but we had to say goodbye to Chris and Tyler :( So glad you could come visit us!! Now we just need to drag all of you out to CA :)

just so everyone in the family knows: everyone has a standing, open invitation to visit us in California. Anytime! Just give us a couple of hours to clean up the house :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

East coast visit

We're here! After much planning, we are on the east coast in lovely Seabrook, New Hampshire, comfortably esconsed into Dave + Danielle's lovely beach house :)

Our red-eye from SFO was slightly delayed (typical SFO - fog so only 1 plane could land at a time) and Cam was awake waaaaay too late, but he eventually fell asleep on the plane. Keeping him asleep was a challenge as we apparently were traveling with a bunch of insomniacs, but we made it to Boston (on time, no less) and arrived to gorgeous sunshine and clear skies. We'd checked before the trip, so the sunshine was a nice surprise!

We made it to the beach house around 9:30am. By 1pm, Trina, Jamie + Isley had joined us, with Chris + Tyler shortly thereafter and there was *still* room at the beach house for more :)

Since this was the first nice weather for everyone else, we spent most of the afternoon either out in the backyard or down on the beach. It was so nice for Cam to meet Tyler for the first time, plus he seemed to remember Isley as well. They are all having fun together :) Both Tyler and Isley all were kind enough to bring toys from home for Cam to play with while he's visiting - so far the Baby Einstein flash cards are the biggest hit.

Looking forward to dinner with everyone and (once the kids go to bed) Chris brought champange for us all - yum!!!