Thursday, January 29, 2009

A boy and his frog

We found this fantastic tent in the clearance isle at Target, believe it or not. Cam's in love with it :) Ever since we rearranged the house (moved my office back into the master, the large sectional couch from the living room into the family room) there is a lot more space for Cam's stuff. Which continues to somehow amass itself :) Of course, buying kiddie tents isn't exactly going with the theory less is more.

Cam loves hanging out in his tent and seems to like it best when all three of us are in there. Its a tight fit, but we make it work. Auntie Trina has sent a book for Cam's birthday showing all kinds of stories and rhymes that you can use your hands to tell (along the lines of "Isty Bisty Spider" which Cam loooooooves) and that's his favourite book to check out while he's hanging out in the tent.

Good thing we've got the room to have this thing up! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Update on Sickee

Cam's on the mend; just like the doc said the fever lasted 72 hours before it broke. We've kept Cam on the Mortrin for now and will stop it once he's stayed cool for at least 6 hours. His appetite is off but we're all heading back to normal. Woohoo!!

a few stats from the doc's office on Friday:
34.5" tall

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sickee sickee sickee

No idea where this came from but Cam woke up at 4am super hot. He tossed and turned for a couple of hours and was up for good at 6am, still hot, so we gave him Tylenol and kept him home with us today. He's been in a good mood, still running a bit warm but overall his typical self.

He and daddy were watching "Its a Big Big World" (we're PBS freaks here, except for our beloved Bunnytown) when Cam actually fell asleep on the couch! He hasn't done this since he was a couple of months old! We let him snooze about 15-20 mins, then tried to wake him up. He was having none of that, so we moved him back to his crib and he's still sleeping. Gave him another does of Tylenol as he was really warm again. His little body is fighting something today. If he's still feverish when he wakes up, we'll call the doc.

That's it, although it has been raining pretty good on and off - about time! More soon...

Mom, glad to hear you are feeling better!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting caught up!

Excuse the lack of posts over the holidays - just seemed like there was no free time at all during the *almost* two weeks I took off work! We weren't able to make our trip down to visit Grandpa and Grandma down in Anaheim b/c Cam was under the weather but are going to try to get down to see them later on this month - we have your Christmas presents!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday trip to Barney Schwartz park

Since today was the last (boohoo) day of our holiday vacation (back to reality tomorrow!), after Cam woke up from his afternoon nap, we took him over to Barney Schwartz park to play for a while. Its been a while since we'd been over there - 3-4 months! It was a bit chillier than we'd realized temperature-wise but that didn't slow Cam down at all; the last time we were here he needed to hold our fingers to walk - this time he ran around under his own steam!

Daddy showed Cam how to "climb" up on some of the stuff at the park (hmmm, that might not have been so good in retrospect!) and they both had a great time sliding down the slide. Cam did it over and over, even got brave enough to do it on his own :) There is a tube that kids can crawl through - last time we were here Cam could stand up in there with lots of room to spare. He tried to stand up in there and bonked his head! Little dude is getting tall.

We had a lot of fun, got a bunch of great photos (little dude still seems to grow and change every day) even bumped into one of our neighbours' with her two children. Maybe all this fresh air will help Cam sleep better tonight (never too early for a Christmas miracle!! Only 352 days, right? ;) )

We're a bit late with this but Happy New Year to all our family, friends and loved ones!
Cameron, Michelle and Kevin

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crazy static electricity

Daddy and Cam went for a walk around the neighbourhood while mommy got to work out (only about 2 months to the wedding!) and Cam's head was full of static when he got home. Darn fleece hats! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Rocks, rocks and more rocks

Cam's love affair with the small rocks in the back yard continue! So far he hasn't swallowed any but we have to keep a close eye on him.

Got this fabulous shot with the wonderful new lens my folks got me for Christmas (and also my 40th birthday in April - had to be a double-holiday gift b/c its just too much for one!) and we are looooooving it. The zoom now goes to 105mm, which is double what we had before, but the biggest difference is the vibration reduction - its really helping us get some great shots that would have been blurry with the other lens.

This is probably the BEST photo of Chance we've ever gotten - typically his ears are back (he's very submissive with us, we suspect abuse from his former owners) and we got lucky with the light :) We're betting we get some great photos this year courtesy of this wonderful lens. Thank you so much, mom and dad!!!!