Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Fun with Mommy

We are up in San Jose to celebrate Mommy's milestone birthday! A fun bbq at the park by Evelyn + Derek's house this afternoon - the boys running themselves ragged at the amazing park. Ahhh - good times :)

If only we'd had video - Garrett and Cam were hysterical together. Cam tries to keep up with Garrett (who is 5 months older and 7 lbs heavier) and they both seem to want the attention of each other's parents :) Garret is part monkey; he climbs up the little rock climbing wall near the slide with ease. Just hoping Cam doesn't pick up on that, lol.

Sarah, Charles, Grant and James joined us too - so much fun! Sarah had her camera and got this cute shot of Cam - goodness only knows what he was looking at with such wonderment and confusion. Probably Garrett climbing up the rope gym - luckily Cam didn't try that! We had a blast with everyone (my friend Deb joined us too) and are really looking forward to the big birthday treat - Kevin and I are going to Sent Sovi in Saratoga for dinner. Just the two of us.

Sit down for this part, folks. You'd think it was the "going to dinner alone" part, but you'd be wrong.

Mike and Sherry (this was MIKE'S idea) are going to babysit Cam at their house tonight. Not sure if Hell has frozen over or if we should buy a *lot* of lottery tickets tonight!! :) Mike is our chauffer for the evening so we don't need to worry about imbiding too much wine (and also to escape the house in case Cam won't sleep). We're all staying over at Mike and Sherry's (doggies included) for the night and will go home in the morning.

Dinner with just the two of us. Wow. The last time that happened, I was about 10,000 months pregnant with Cam....oh, about 20 months ago :)

We can't wait! More details later.

dinner was amazing, and even better, Cam slept the *entire* time we were gone. Apparently 6 neighbours on Mike and Sherry's street, plus Evelyn, were on call in case Cam got to be too much. We're glad to have averted any trouble and might have to try the babysitting thing again sometime. Thank you so much Kevin, Auntie Sherry and Uncle Mike!!!!!!!! You all made it an amazing, wonderful, perfect birthday!!!

Taking time to smell the flowers

Grammie and Grampie sent some gorgeous flowers to celebrate a milestone birthday today, so Cam has seen mommy and daddy smelling them. He tries to smell them, but ends up blowing on them like they are too hot to eat :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

No more Goldilocks

Kevin has taken to calling Cam "Goldilocks" because his hair had been getting a bit long and unruly. He got a trim today at Kids Cuts in Paso, after an unsuccessful attempt last Saturday at a regular salo in Paso and did pretty well because there was a dancing Elmo for him to watch :)

Still a cutie pie!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready...set...go! (non-cheaters version)

When we picked up Cam from daycare today, he was playing a new game with a couple of other little kids in the room: all the kids stood on one side of the room touching the wall until Cam yelled "Go!" then they all ran as fast as their little legs would carry them to the other side. Too freakin' cute! Here Daddy and Cam are reenacting it for the camera :)

Ready...set...go! (cheaters version)

This is the companion video to the previous version. The only difference is Cam doesn't make it to the "go" part :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter egg hunt

Happy Easter! After Cam got up, we hid a half dozen big Easter eggs with little toys in them throughout the house for Cam to find. It took him a minute to realize what was going on, but he had a good time looking for them and trying to get them open :)

He got his first "car" - a Lightening McQueen. He loves it but still prefers Thomas the Tank Engine over all other toys. Except George, of course!

We think we are on the tail end of the ear infection, but he's still up quite frequently at night. The weather is nice, so we'll try to spend a bit of time outside playing with the doggies. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

19 months flew by

Hard to believe Cam's rapidly headed to his 2nd birthday :) He's feeling a bit better today, although last night was a pretty rough night - he was up almost every hour. We're treating both ears with the antibiotic drops and hope he'll feel a lot better in the next day or so.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Double owie

Bummed to share that Cam has a double ear infection. He slept horribly early this week, and on Tuesday we got a call from daycare saying he woke up from his nap with a fever. We got in to see the doc that afternoon and Cam has a double ear infection in the early stages. She has us using his antibiotic ear drops right now and we'll check in w/her early next week to see if we need to use amoxicillin too. Hopefully not!

We're going to keep things low-key this weekend, until we see our kid back to normal.

Have a wonderful Easter :)

M, K + C

Happy Birthday, Leah!! I miss you!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday party for a buddy

Today we drove up to San Jose to go to Garrett's second birthday party - Cam had a blast! The party was at The Little Gym (similar to the Wee Workout place in Paso Robles but, oh, about 10x as big!!). There were tons of mats and after Cam watched Garrett jump down from two stacked mats, he started trying to do that himself and pretty much mastered it by the time we left - we'll see just what he's climbing (and jumping off of) on at home this week :)

There were about 30 kids there, ranging in age from 1-8. Everyone had a great time and by the end of it, Cam was lying down on the gym mats saying "nite nite" :)

The car ride was great in both directions; seems that turning the seat around has made a huge difference and Cam slept pretty well, then hung out checking out the scenery until we got to our destination. He was happy to get home and let out a huge sigh when Kevin laid him down in his crib - he was probably tired of being in his carseat, lol.

We didn't bring the camera in with us but if we get any photos from Evelyn, we'll be sure to post them.