Monday, November 26, 2007

Cops and Robbers

Cam and mommy were playing cops and robbers the other night; this was Cam's take on being a robber :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sitting upright! (kinda)

We tried out the Bumbo chair today since we checked out the box and realized it only fits kids up to 22lbs (we think Cam is about 18lbs now). Cam is still working on his head control but I think he was most surprised to be sitting upright without mommy or daddy holding him up! He's got his burpie, though!

Nice glowing eyes on our vampire baby :)

Doesn't he look like a convict in his Ralph Lauren outfit?? I wonder if that's intentional?!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cam had a great time over at Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary Ann's new home for Thanksgiving dinner. Grandpa held him and got some smiles, but Cam had the most fun with his cousin Loretta who got more smiles and coos from him than everyone else combined :) He was completely fascinated by watching her and she did a great job of playing with him as well as managing not to get her hair pulled!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Photo tips from Moray - The Good

My good friend Moray in Scotland very kindly gave us some tips on how to get a great photo of Cam. Sadly, this is only proof you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink! We're getting closer, though.

Photo tips from Moray - The Bad

This just cracks us up; the look on his face!!!

Photo tips from Moray - The Ugly

I swear the baby isn't drunk in this photo!! :) Poor little guy; he'll be horrified by this when he's 16. (heck, when he's 10!)

Too many things happening at once here; he was sliding down the pillow we'd put on the couch for him to lean on, plus he was in mid-blink and the backdrop I'd put on the back of the couch started to slip.

Photos like this make me really want to contact a professional photographer to get a decent shot of Cameron :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Visit to the Bay Area

We drove up to Los Gatos/San Jose today and got to visit with a bunch of people; Juliann, Sarah and Grant and also Carla (who is still promising to teach Cam to ride in a few years!). Cam did great in the car; slept almost the entire way up to San Jose (2.25 hrs), only protesting when he had a very wet diaper - as soon as that was changed, he went right back to sleep. Our fancy-schmancy car seat cover seems to be doing the trick!!

It was so nice for Cam to finally meet some of the people we've told him about, plus he and Grant seemed to get along; they both stared at each other like they'd never seen a baby before :)

The photo was taken while we were waiting to meet Sarah at her office, just before -seconds!- a big blowout. LOL - our trips up north almost always seem to contain a blowout!! Wish he could do those at home where we're better equipted for them!

ps: note the not one, but TWO burpies :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chillin' on a Sunday afternoon

Cam was hanging out, watching mommy fold laundry and trying to eat a pesky giant firefly (don't worry, its really a toy) that landed in his stroller on Sunday afternoon. After he tussled with the firefly for a while, he took the dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood.

Big day for the little man!! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daddy's favourite outfit

Daddy found this just after Cam was born and had to get it for him. True on so many levels!! Cam thinks its pretty funny too. Click here to get one.

This would probably be funnier if we had Cam listening to Kevin's iPod (which he does - he enjoys Queen's "Bicycle Race" - mommy sings it to him when he's gassy and she does the bicycle with his legs to help him fart :) )

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thumb-sucking success!!!

After weeks of trying, Cam has figured out how to stick out his thumb in order to suck on it. Now he just needs to learn to close his fingers into a fist and not poke himself in the eye :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

The "Burpie" - part duex

Yep, this boy loves his burpie :) Not sure how it ended up over his face, but he slept like this for a good hour on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dinner@Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary Ann's house

We were all invited over for dinner to Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary Ann's house on Saturday night. Cam had a great time being held by everyone (especially in front of the fireplace) and had fun playing with his cousin Loretta.

ps Cam was two months old yesterday!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The "Burpie"

Cam has learned how to grab at items and loves to hold stuff in his fists. He's pretty indiscriminate - he'll grab your shirt when you're holding him, loves to grab (and not let go of) my hair when its not in a ponytail (ow!!) and has also started grabbing the little burp cloths off our shoulders and carrying them around with him, like a favourite blankie. Now he wants to have one in his hands when he goes to sleep! The last couple of times he hasn't settled right down for a nap, we hand him one of those and he's out within a minute.

Cameron's Grandma on the west coast crocheted 2 beautiful blankets for him, his east coast Grammie has bought him a plethora of cute flannel blankets w/dinosaurs embroidered on them, my godmother (his great-aunt Kathy) and cousin Chrissy crocheted him an adorable blanket, plus Chrissy made him a gorgeous quilt and one of my favourite clients had a blanket embroidered with his name and birthdate on it that's one of our favourites - the point being, there are some much nicer blankies to choose from!!

But no - Cam loves the $1 burp cloth...I realize this is just the beginning of him asserting his independence :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

The elusive "great" photo

Photographers make it look so easy to get a great photo of a baby; its not!! Of course, Cam is learning to become a more cooperative subject: he used to hate the flash but he's better about it now.

Back in art school I was so busy taking all the required classes for my graphic design degree I didn't take any of the "fun" classes, like glass-blowing, jewelry making or photography - I figured there was plenty of time for that once I had my degree. Ha! So now I'm wishing I'd taken at least one photography class so that I could set up shots better.

Anyway, this is the latest in the quest for the adorable baby picture :) His hair doesn't look this red in person, but his cheeks really are this chubby. The darling little outfit is from his Grammie on the east coast. Oh, and he really does have a back and legs; we were just trying to get all the backgound ickiness out of there with his white blankie :) And he's doing so great holding up his head from his tummy these days!!

Sigh; we're getting there! One of these days....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cam getting changed after a blowout

There's not much to say here, he just had this hysterical look on his face that we managed to capture with the camera. :)

2 month checkup: 98th percentile :)

Cameron had his 2 month checkup today with Dr. Nave and is continuing to grow leaps and bounds. 15lb 14oz (our scale at home was pretty close) and 25" long. Overall in the 98th percentile for everything. This again explains why he doesn't fit into all the cute clothes his Grandma Ruthie on the east coast just got him :) Our giant, not-quite-2-month-old baby is already in clothing for 6 month olds, lol.

He did have to get 4 (!!!) shots and that went as well as could be expected; no photos of THAT momentous occasion (it was horrible to watch; poor little guy just shrieked).

He's ok now, taking a late afternoon nap while he waits for mom to stop working and play with him :)

Eight Week Stats
15lb 4oz
25" tall

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cameron's friend Grant

A few weeks after Cam was born, our good friends Charles and Sarah had their second son (he was early - lucky them!!), Grant. He joined them and big brother James and his dog, yellow lab Whiskey. Sarah and I have rebonded over all kinds of fun "mom" stuff and while the boys haven't met yet, we're both sure they are going to be good friends! Here is a link to their blog. (Evelyn: you and Garrett are next! :) )

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Diapers sent to your door!

Cam has always been pretty fussy about having a wet diaper; when he's in a bad mood, just a teaspoon full will send him over the edge (poo, on the other hand, he'll sit in happily). So we go through diapers (trying not to think about the landfills!). I found this site in Parenting magazine, along with a coupon for $10 off the first purchase (Parenting6 or Parenting7 is the coupon code), PLUS they have free shipping on any purchase over $50. The prices are good and not having to go out to get diapers is WONDERFUL :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

The first November post!

Today Cam is 8 weeks old (already, holy cow!) and unofficially 16lbs (we weighed him here at home with our scale). We have a pediatrician appointment on Thursday, so we'll share the "real" weight then! He's sleeping more and more at night (hooray!) and lots of fun during the day; cooing, smiling, laughing and, occasionally, yelling loudly to let us know he has a wet diaper or is ready for a nap. His personality is definitely starting to show; he's just as stubborn as mom and dad!

We took a trip up to San Jose yesterday to see Auntie Sherry and also for Cam to meet Leah. He did great in the car; only got upset just outside of San Jose b/c it turned out he had a blowout. Otherwise, the trip went well. We didn't get any photos of Cam with Leah b/c it was almost dark, but we'll go up again soon. Leah was definitely interested in sniffing both Cam and Kevin; I'm sure she recognizes that Cam belongs to us :) (not because we had treats).

BTW - I think the sheepskin cover we got for Cam's carseat was a good purchase; even though it got into the low-mid 80s yesterday, he didn't overheat in the carseat like he usually does.

Here is a link to Ba-Ba Seatskins in case anyone else has this problem too. The man that owns this company is super nice; he got our cover to us while in the midst of all the fires down in Southern CA! The cover was a bit expensive but totally worth it since Cam is now comfortable and not drenched in sweat every time we take him out in the car. I think shipping was free too and in CA, we got it the next day.