Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lazy Saturday in the Burjewski household

Just an easy, somewhat lazy Saturday here in the Burjewski house. Cam seems to be over his ear infection (hallelujah!!), although the cough isn't gone, we are suspecting potential allergies; spring has sprung here in California and pollen is everywhere. We see the Doc on Tuesday for a recheck on the ear and potentially our 6 month shots, provided the Camster is healthy. We stopped the antibiotics on Thursday and his appetite is back with a venegence, so we think we're moving in the right direction.

He was in rare form this morning and we got a serious amount of giggles and laughter on some video, but mommy looks like death warmed over (it was pre-shower, hair combing, etc), so its unlikely we'll be posting it online. We'll try again tomorrow! This "Happy Kid Shot" will have to do ya :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cam and daddy

These two were hanging out in the backyard in the late afternoon and I managed to get a nice photo (and 30 others that are quite bad). Its been hard to get Cam smiling lately b/c he's cranky from teething, but we did get a little video of him giggling at the dogs outside and will try to upload it soon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Someone is feeling better!

After the longest week in our lives (so far), Cam-a-lam-a-ding-dong is on the road to recovery. This is Cam yelling at the dogs to pay attention to him OR he's yelling at daddy to give him the camera that he really really wants to stick in his mouth :)

We've been enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather here, although we're ready for some cooler weather and a bit more rain. Cam is cutting at least one other tooth - they sure take a long time to look like teeth and not little razors, which is what they feel like on our knuckles, which Cam is taking particular joy in gnawing on these days.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Easter basket EVER

The girls over at daycare asked for all the kids to come dressed in pastels (and Cam has one pastel outfit. He's a BOY, for cryin' out loud!) and they were going to take pictures for the rooms for spring. We should know by now that it also means they are going to do something nice for the parents :) We got an Easter card from Cam on Monday when he went to daycare for the first time in almost a week - isn't he cute?! (yep, not biased at all :) )

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ear infection + a virus just for giggles

Cam is still not feeling great. During the night he had a fever and our thermometer read 103.9°, but at the dr's office today, his temp was only very slightly elevated (about a half degree). He has lost a bit of weight (about 6oz in two days), and the dr. thinks he's now battling a virus along with the ear infection. She wants to give the antibiotic another 24-36 hours to really kick in (he only started getting it on Tuesday at 7pm, and its 2x/day); she feels we'll see improvement on Saturday (we have to wait til freakin' SATURDAY), and to keep an eye on his temp, and if its still elevated after 72 hours, to call her and then she'll do some tests.

Poor kid vomited again late last night, and so we're feeding him about 2oz of either breastmilk or formula about every 2 hours, and trying to sneak a little Pedialyte in there to help rehydrate him. He was pretty off yesterday and still isn't himself today but at least he smiled a couple of times! Its not much, but we'll take it.

We really hate seeing him like this. Hard to believe just two days ago he was chasing and giggling like mad at the dogs. Fingers crossed that tomorrow we finally start to see some improvement!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ear infection: day 864 (sure feels like it)

Not much improvement to report so far. He's more "off" today than he has been since this ear infection started; very tired and a little cranky. He moans a lot, which is heartbreaking. Cam is fairly warm to the touch, and since he did that last week when he first started the amoxicillin, we are hoping it means his body is again fighting the ear infection.

He hasn't vomited since yesterday afternoon, and we've been feeding him in 2oz doses about 2-3 hours apart - we're afraid to do more in case he vomits again and we're back to square 1. Since he's done ok eating the last 24 hours, we're going to try 3oz when he wakes up from his afternoon nap.

Fingers crossed the extra rest, plus TLC from mommy and daddy will help him get better. And the new medicines too - so much easier to give 1/4 tsp orally than 1-1/4 tsp!! Please send Cam some healing, healthy thoughts over the next couple of days - he needs all the help he can get to feel better :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ear infection update

We're not sure, but Cam *might* have an allergy to the amoxicillin he's been taking; yesterday he had a huge red rash all over his belly and back, plus he's vomited 3x since Saturday (no, not spitup, actual barfing large quantities of stomach contents).

Doc is cautious; said the vomiting could be from the ear infection (which is no better, btw), almost like a seasickness, but then again, maybe not. So we're on new meds as of today. The good news is that it isn't 6 freakin' milliliters - the only times Cam got the full dose was via his bottle; he did NOT like to take it orally (that's putting it mildly).

He's still in good spirits and we've kept him home today but tomorrow he'll probably go back to daycare for the day - I'm sure he misses his little friends :) He was giggling like mad at the dogs last night, so we're going to try to catch that on video tonight and post it - its quite infectious, but the good kind of infection!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Visit from Grandpa and Grandma Janice

Grandpa and Grandma Janice visited from SoCal today. Since Cam has decided to despise his car seat, we haven't tried to make the trip down since before Christmas. It was great to see them! We had some fun taking photos. Especially Cam, who is doing his best "Zoolander - Blue Steel" impression here :)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Cam is modeling the latest in baby bathware; a froggy hooded towel. And daddy isn't trying to strangle him, he's tickling Cam :)


I really should think more before I take photos! Cam looked so cute in his hat, but all the stripes are just mommy's bad fashion choice :)

Hard to find hats to fit his melon-head; trying to win an auction on eBay for a sunhat in the 12-18 month size; can't find anything like it around here in Paso, despite how freakin' sunny it is!! Already have sunblock - no sunburns for the Caminator.

The amoxicillin is doing its job; Cam seems to be feeling better and that little lingering cough is now gone (yay!). There is a new twist to his life this week; he's in the process of cutting his first tooth. (of course) Its breaking through and as soon we can figure out how to get him to not stick his tounge out while we're trying to take a photo of his mouth, we'll share the picture :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

7 to 7

Cam was pretty tired last night; he hadn't slept much at daycare, and went down pretty easily just before 7pm. We tried to wake him up for a bottle just after 10pm, but he was having none of it; the kid was O-U-T, out. So we let him sleep.

I seem to wake up periodically to check the video monitor, and around 3am, I could only see a lump on there, so I went in to check. Usually I leave the light off, just tuck in blankets and feel his head to make sure he wasn't too warm (from the ear infection). Well, I couldn't find his head! I got the camera and saw the munchkin had totally pulled the covers over his head and was snoring away (muffled by said covers). After a minor freakout (suffocation!!!), I pulled the covers back, and Cam kept on snoring away, not waking up until 6:45am. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :) We know its b/c he's sick, but we still enjoyed the quiet night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Trio of sickees continued - Cam's 6 month checkup

Cam had his 6 month checkup today - weight is 20.5 lbs, length is 28.25" and his head is 18.5" around. Still in the 98th percentile except for his weight (88th), but we (us and the Dr.) suspect the ear infection Dr. Nave found in Cam's left ear today for the slight weight gain. Turns out all the rolling around he was doing before his naps was b/c he was so uncomfortable, not b/c he was trying to stay awake, as we thought :(

Dr. N said that it was better to have let the cold he's had run its course instead of rushing him in to see her sooner as the ear infection wouldn't have developed yet to be caught. She said she's missed ear infections in her own kids as they can be hard to diagnose (very small consolation). Cam was a champ today, and did pretty well with the ear check until the last few moments, when it probably hurt that she was poking around in there. He's going on antibiotics and ear drops, and his 6 month shots are rescheduled for April 1. He's still in good spirits, so this bug didn't knock him down :) Frickin' daycare....its a blessing and a curse!

Wash your hands and stay healthy! We love ya!

Six Month Stats
18.5" head circumference

Monday, March 10, 2008

6 months old today!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekend fun for Cam :)

The Caminator still has a runny nose, but the cough for the most part is gone and he was in a great mood all weekend.

We had a GORGEOUS day here in Paso today, low 70s, so we were outside quite a bit. We took the dogs for a walk, and Cam spent more time watching them then checking out local scenery. After his nap, he played on the back patio in his walker while Daddy brushed enough hair off Charlie and Chance to create a very small dog :)

With the time change, 5pm rolls around and the sun isn't starting to go down, and we played much later than we usually do, so no bath tonight! Grandpa and Grandma Janice will be visiting this coming weekend, so we're all looking forward to that.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Really, it was THIS big!

Cam is showing daddy just how big the lizard he saw in the backyard was :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trio of sickies

We seem to have a SuperBug here in the Burjewski household; just as I was on the mend, I was felled by a new bug and Kevin ended up sick too. Luckily Cam escaped this one and its just the two of us achy, sniffly and miserable. He still has a little cough but its getting better every day.

Hope everyone is healthier than we are!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The first taste of applesauce

So far Cam seems to be a veggie man :) Later on this week we'll try bananas and hopefully he'll like those!

Both Cam and I have been sick since Friday with your basic cold and cough. I'm lousy at taking temps, but according to my palm, neither of us have fevers :)

Cam's cough was disconcerting, but a trick we found online (rubbing Vicks on the bottom of his feet, then slipping on socks under his jammies) has helped him quite a bit. We did try the steamy-bathroom yesterday, and that provided some relief too. He's on the mend! That's cold #3 for both of us since starting daycare.....3 in 6 weeks!!!! As long as Cam ends up with awesome immunity when he gets a little older, it will be worth it...

A hat for Anne's baby-on-the-way

The good thing about trying to get a hat to fit Cam, is that I've been able to practice on getting the size right and can share the practice's with our friends. Here Cam is modeling a hat for our friend Anne's new baby, due any day. Hopefully it won't be *too* big on the new little guy, but he'll grow into it :)