Friday, February 29, 2008


We decided we needed some ammo for when Cam is an unruly teenager - we'll threaten to post these online :)

Ok, we're kidding! We really just wanted to show everyone how great he's doing sitting up on his own and how big he's getting, although we didn't have the foresight to take photos of his first bath, it certainly didn't look anything like this!

Happy Leap Day!

Hop, skip and a jump

Cam is getting better with the walker, although it looks more like he jumps instead of anything resembling walking :) He's getting faster too; we're going to have to babyproof here pretty quick! Those little hands are good at grabbing just about anything, from laptop power cables to plants to folders to dogs who run when they see him go into his walker to mommies holding cameras recording video :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Carrots, carrots, carrots :)

After almost 2 weeks of rice cereal, we decided to try some carrots with Cam. He loves them! Quite unlike the pears we had tried earlier in the week - he would eat them, but totally made a "yucky" face. Now when the spoon of carrots is approaching him, he starts to grin :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Better than a playpen :)

How this happened: Cam spied the laundry basket while mommy was folding laundry and daddy was playing with Cam in the living room. Daddy put him in it and voila! favourite place to hang out. Its not as bad as it seems; super portable and nothing sharp to hurt the Ding Dong. :) Plus you can carry laundry at the same time.

His sitting up skills have progressed remarkably this week...well, to us, anyway!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cam is mobile!

Continuing to be the indulgent parents that we are, we found this really cute walker on and got it for Cam. It arrived today and after his nap, we let him try it out. He loves it! Totally doesn't get he's in control of it, but loves moving around. We're realizing that the dogs are probably going to be chased soon :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The first one was too big...

...the second one was too big, the third one was juuuuuust right :) Finally, after a week, Cam has a hat that mommy made for him! The neat thing about this hat is that its very expandable, so he'll be able to wear it for quite a while...unlike most of his clothes, lol.

I found a couple of other cute hats to make, so my friends with little boys can expect packages in the mail within the next few weeks :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nature boy

Getting better and better at sitting on his own. Still have to be quick with the camera - we say "Timber!" frequently around here :)

Photogenic Friday

Cam was quite photogenic today! Well, out of about 40 photos, these are the best :) It was a gorgeous sunny and warm Friday here in Paso, so we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather. No rain scheduled until Thursday next week, so we'll be playing outside a lot this weekend. Enjoy the holiday on Monday, everyone!

The Burjeski's

Knitting project: 2nd try

Well, we're getting closer :) This hat fits my head, and if rolled up in half, it fits Cam. I only just realized that a 5mm needle is not the same as a size 5 needle. Now in the midst of Hat #3! Photos soon...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cam and Freddie

Just a couple of buds, hanging out in the play gym, checkin' out the world. One of the buds is a stuffed firefly, but who's splitting hairs? And check out the sitting up on his own, Mr. Cam-a-lam-a-ding-dong! Not leaning....sitting!!

Trying out a new template

What do you think? I'm likin' the springy colors :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Knitting project gone oh-so-wrong

Long story short: I decided to knit a hat for Cam. Since his head is so big, I took the pattern and added about 10% more stitches, thinking they would be needed for Cam's giant melon-head (18.25" around at _5 months!_). Ummm....turns out that wasn't necessary - this "baby" hat is so big, its loose on DADDY'S head :)

Anyone need a tea cosy?

"Solids" - day 2

"Solids" is used loosely here; this rice cereal is still pretty runny! Here is Cam realizing that trying to feed himself doesn't make it taste any better :) Most of the rice cereal still ended up on his chin but he did eat two half spoonfuls, yum yum. He'll be chowing on steak any day now :)

Cam's latest stats for his 5 month birthday: 20lbs and 28" long/tall. He's only 7 months short of being able to be turned around in his carseat; he's got the right weight, though!

Five Month Stats

Monday, February 11, 2008

How exactly do you do this?

Cam turned 5 months yesterday and we decided to start trying some solids with him, since he's been doing really well hanging out in his high chair. Solids is a bit of a misnomer, as the rice ceral was anything but - the first try mommy had it waaaaaaay too runny. But we added more rice, so that helped. As you can tell from the look on his face he's not too impressed with it, although he did try to grab the spoon the entire time :)

We *think* Cam swallowed some, but its hard to tell. Especially when mommy totally missed his mouth and tried to feed him through his nose. Oops! That mouth is a moving target. Hopefully we'll do better tomorrow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sitting/Leaning up!

For just a split second but getting better every day! Hard to catch it so far (ususally we're saying "Timber" just as he starts to crash - we should use the camera and not our smarty-mouths :) )

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hanging out on a Friday afternoon :)

Cam was just kicking back in the stroller with mom and dad on Friday afternoon. Mommy had lost her voice (daycare strikes again!) but Cam had fun sitting up in his stroller and talking to the dogs. We went for a walk around the neighbourhood too; Cam held on to the tray in front and sat upright the entire time!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Interesting night....

Last night Cam woke briefly about 3am, yelling a bit, and I pulled the covers back over his little hands, which had gotten cold, and he went right back to sleep. Didn't stir a muscle until 7am! Tonight he fell asleep around 7:30pm, Kevin had to work hard to wake him up to take his 10pm bottle, then he fell right back to sleep and is already back to beddy-bye :) Fingers crossed he's out until 7am again - this is a niiiiiiiiice pattern!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Hello folks :) Happy weekend to everyone! Cam is almost recovered from his cold (as are his parents!) and doing better and better at daycare. He really likes one of the gals inparticular and will actually EAT for her, which is a huge step forward. The daycare has been super about working with us to try to get Cam settled in there, sleeping well and eating while there, which has been terrific.

While I still have some slight disgruntledness (with myself) about not being able to take care of Cam and work fulltime, this does seem like a good situation for him; he's around other people and kids, and loves watching everything. Ironically, starting daycare coincided with a slowdown at work for me, so Cam is still doing half days and acclimating nicely. Mommy is too :)

We're racing towards his 5-month birthday and he's changing every day. This week he's been trying hard to pull his knees up under him, which we're positive he saw this at daycare and is trying to mimic one of the other kids crawling. He continues to like to stand up on his own, with us providing a little balance, and survey the world from this different perspective. Its only been a month, but he's almost completely outgrown most of the clothes Grammie sent for Christmas. Grandma sent stuff for 12 months+, which we'll be trying on soon - someone has quite the baby belly and needs some extra room in his pants :)

He's sleeping much better at night, about 7 hours at a stretch - woohoo! He loves loves loves the dogs and they sends him into fits of "banguage" when they come up to sniff him. We're trying to teach him "gentle" with them b/c he loves to grab their fur, which both Charlie and Chance have been incredibly patient with. They both seem to adore him too, Chance more than Charlie, but Charlie will come around once Cam starts solids, most of which we're sure will end up on the floor.

Cam's mastering the "Pfffft" or "Bfffft" and drooling like a fiend while doing so - this kid has things to say :) His hair is coming in nicely and he only has half of his previous "Friar Tuck" look going in the back of his head. Eyes are still blue, but we have time for them to turn green still - I am holding out hope! Not that blue aren't wonderful, but it would be nice for him to end up with mommy's green eyes and daddy's super long curly dark eyelashes - he'll be a ladykiller!!

Love to everyone - enjoy your weekend!! More photos soon!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Cam and Boo

I'm noticing with Cam in daycare, even part-time, there are fewer photo opps than when he's home full-time.

We had some fun on Friday afternoon and Cam had some more wrestling fun with Boo. Hard to tell who won! :)