Friday, June 13, 2008

Uh oh - we've been found out!

Cam has this funky little blanket/toy we call George (the Giraffe - yes, original, we know), that he looks for when he's tired to snuggle up with. We realized that we should have a second George in the diaper bag in case the first one got barfed on, or dirty or, God forbid, we were out and about and George was needed to calm a cranky Cam!

We've done a pretty good job of keeping the two separate, only letting Cam see one at a time. Sadly, the jig is up as of today. I did laundry last night and somehow both of the George's ended up out today. When Cam got up from his nap, he had one, and then spied the other one where he'd left it in the living room. Right now he's happily dragging them both through the living room but we'll try to separate them later on :)

He's taken to carrying George in his mouth when he crawls (at least less dog hair ends up on George!), so we'll try to get a photo of that up here soon :)