Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cam's first Emergency Room visit - whee

Who knew "Ring Around the Rosie" could cause so much grief??

Cam was playing at daycare today, the aforementioned "Ring Around the Rosie" when he tripped, fell, and hit his head on some concrete at the base of a fence post, that for some insane reason was NOT buried underground like all the *other* fence posts in the yard. It was a pretty good gash, and like head wounds tend to be, quite bloody.

The ladies at daycare called us right away (thank gosh we live 2 mins from daycare!) and we dashed over. The gash was still bleeding, and it looked deep, so we ended up at the Emergency Room in Templeton. Ninty minutes, many tears, many under-the-breath curses by the parents at the ER staff for making a little kid wait, one staple later, we headed home.

Luckily for Cam (and us), there was no loss of consciousness, no vomiting, so the ER doc could rule out concussion quickly (plus not make us wait around even longer for an MRI). Cam got a surgical glove balloon for his troubles :) The scar will be hidden by his hair, and if he ever decides to go the "bald and sexy" look, I'm sure the scar will just make him more handsome :)

The staple came out 10 days later at a local doc's office, with few tears. Brave boy!!!

We figured we had a couple more years before christening the ER but that's our boy - doing stuff ahead of the curve :)